Rapid SLX Element for WC, 1.13 m installation height with integrated socket and shower toilet connection

Product Number

Product Description

GROHE Rapid SLX installation system for wall-hung toilets – strong and designed for the future.

The bathroom of your dreams complete with wall-hung toilet is one step away with the GROHE Rapid SLX installation system. The Rapid SLX also supports GROHE’s elegant and stylish new range of extra slim flush plates, which simply plug onto the drain valves using our EasyConnect system. Extra strong and versatile, Rapid SLX has an attractive powder-coated steel frame and guarantees understated performance you can trust – it's TÜV approved for a load of 400kg! Supplied with all the fixings you need but no outflow pipe, GROHE QuickFix makes installation (height 1.13 m) logical and fast, but also ready for any future changes you may wish to make. The unique flow manager means you can easily adjust the water flow so it can also be used with any new toilet, including rimless WCs, which use less pressure. The Plug & Play design includes an electric socket and water connection so you can easily add a shower toilet – the stylish GROHE Sensia Arena would look fantastic. And any upgrade is easy to make because the generous Direct Access Door gives you plenty of room to work. The GROHE Whisper technology of the dual-flush cistern helps stop sound travelling through walls – so you can enjoy peace and quiet. And GROHE EcoJoy cuts your water usage by up to 50%. Simply select a flush volume of either 3l or 6l and, if you prefer, stop a full flush before it’s over. It is also fully insulated against condensation. For on-the-wall installation order the dedicated wall brackets (3855800M). GROHE Rapid SLX – strength and premium performance for an elegant and harmonious bathroom design!

  • with flushing cistern GD 2 , 6 l - 2.6 l
  • with integrated socket for shower toilets (power)
  • ready for shower toilets (water)
  • small revision shaft for small flush plates
  • for on-the-wall installations or studded walls
  • powder coated steel frame, self-supporting
  • without outlet pipe
  • TÜV approved
  • 2 WC fixing bolts
  • fixing device for ceramic
  • distance of fixing bolts 180/230 mm
  • depth adjustable
  • reducer Ø 90/110 mm
  • inlet and outlet connecting set
  • flushing cistern GD 2, 3 - 6 l, containing following features:
  • water supply from right, back or top
  • fully insulated against condensation
  • for vertical use
  • for on-the-wall installation please order wall brackets 38 558 00M (sold separately)
  • including flow manager
  • reduces flow of the flush
  • prevents overspill in rimless toilets
  • easy flow regulation via inspection shaft without removing the valves

Technical Information

CAD Data

Spare Parts

Pos.-nr. Prod. description Order-nr.
* Optional accessories
1 Threaded bolt 4276400M
2 WC inlet and outlet connecting set 37311K00
2.1 Basin fastening 43511SH0
2.2 Connector 37119000
3 Support for outlend bend 42243000
4 Revision shaft for small flush plates 40911000
5 Filling valve 42583000
5.1 Lever 43734000
5.1.1 Seal 4377000M
5.2 Valve head 43536000
5.3 Membrane 4375800M
5.4 Screw cap 43735000
5.5 Valve float, 5 pcs. 4379100M
5.6 Set of seals 43722000*
6 Support device 42246000
7 Connecting hose 42233000
7.1 Sealing washer 0319100M
8 Dual Flush discharge valve AV1 42320000
8.1 Extension for overflow pipe 42313000
8.2 Pneumatic hose 42319000
8.3 Seal 42310000
9 Valve seat 42593000
10 Wall brackets 38558000*
11 Mounting angle 38733000*
12 Set for noise protection 37131000*
13 Retrofit set 38796000*
13.1 Mounting frame 42358000
13.1.1 Screw 6636200M
14 Accessory 39607000*
15 Extension 38629000*
16 PP-outlet bend Ø 90 mm 42327000*
17 Reducer 42242000*

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