Your Complete Shower Buying Guide

There are lots of important decisions you need to make when it comes to buying a new shower. There’s nothing quite like a refreshing and energising shower to start the day. Or perhaps you prefer the feeling of stepping into a warm and relaxing bath after a busy day. For many of us, these practices are part of our daily routines. In this shower buying guide, we’ll help you find the perfect option for you and tell you about the things you’ll need to consider when choosing your shower.



The first step in choosing the shower is to decide whether you want to simply replace your existing shower or are you looking for a more extensive renovation?

Depending on your plans, you can choose between 2 different types of showers:

  • If you are looking at refurbishment or are open to a redesign of your bathroom, then concealed showers would be the right fit for you.
  • If you’re looking to replace your existing shower without any expensive renovations, then exposed showers would be the right fit for you.


Budget, one of the most important things you need to consider when renovating your bathroom. The more money you allocate to your shower, the more luxurious it can be. However, this does mean you may need to get creative and find places to cut your budget. Your decision on whether you want to replace or refurbish your bathroom will play in huge part in this, but we have amazing showers for every budget.


Think about the functionality, what features would you like your shower to have? Are you looking for a luxurious headshower with a soft rain spray or perhaps a classic reliable handshower with customisable spray patterns?

Choose between our multiple designs, with different sizes and shapes available to suit your personal preferences.

Concealed Showers

What is a concealed shower?

Space within a bathroom is often in short supply. Concealed installations offer more space under the shower without compromising on functionality or comfort. With the body of the shower hidden, it provides a smooth and uncluttered design to fit a modern style. The concealed technology is stored behind the wall, enabling a clean minimalistic finish to your bathroom.

Is it the right choice for you?

If you...

  • Have limited space in your bathroom
  • Enjoy a modern minimalistic look
  • Enjoy faster and more convenient cleaning

Opt for a concealed shower because...

  • It takes up less space
  • It matches the modern style of your bathroom
  • It allows for easy cleaning and maintenance

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Exposed Showers

What is an exposed shower?

Exposed showers allow for a hassle-free installation, as they don't require breaking walls or undergoing an extensive renovation. The term "exposed" refers to the body of the shower, including the thermostat and the mixer being on the outside of the wall. If you are concerned about the shower being too bulky or taking too much space in your bathroom, GROHE's sleek thermostat design has got you covered.

Is it the right choice for you?

If you...

  • Have a lower budget in mind
  • Prefer an easier installation
  • Don't want to rip out any walls
  • Prefer a more traditional style
  • Want to replace your current exposed shower

Opt for an exposed shower because...

  • It's the less costly option
  • There is no need to break any walls for the installation
  • It allows for easy access for repairs or maintenance
  • It matches the more traditional style of your bathroom

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shower overview

Exposed Concealed
Cost Effective ­
Ease of Cleanliness ­
Ease of Installation ­
Modern Aesthetic ­
Traditional Design ­
Cost-Friendly ­
Space Saving ­
Ceiling Option ­

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Based on your personal preferences, GROHE has a range of shapes and designs for you to choose from.

When it comes to headshowers, you can choose between round or square. Each shape comes in different sizes, allowing you to choose the right fit for your space and needs.


Depending on the aesthetic you are going for, your budget and the available space in your bathroom, theres a number of headshower sizes you can choose from. Our headshower sizes range from as small as 210mm (8.3in) with our Tempesta range to as big as 400mm (15.7in) Rainshower. If you are looking for an even bigger shower and have an extensive budget our Rasinshower F-series or AquaSymphony range might be of interest to you.


GROHE offers a variety of sprays and jets, allowing you to enjoy your own personalised shower experience by choosing a pattern that suits your mood.

Whether it's our signature rain sprays, pure jet, champagne spray or a relaxing massage spray, our unique design distributes the same amount of water to each and every nozzle.

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