Exposed Showers

On this page, we go a little more in-depth about exposed showers to help you decide if this is the right option for you.

Exposed showers allow for a hassle-free installation, as they don't require breaking walls or undergoing any extensive renovation. The term "exposed" refers to the body of the shower, including the thermostat and the mixer being on the outside of the wall. If you are concerned about the shower being too bulky or taking too much space in your bathroom, GROHE's sleek thermostat design has got you covered.

Thermostatic Shower Valve

The thermostatic shower valve mixes the hot and cold elements to the perfect temperature of your choosing. It ensures that the water temperature stays consistent throughout your shower and provides you with a number of benefits.​

The fast response time of the thermostat means that if someone else in your home turns on a tap or flushes the toilet, the temperature of your shower will not change, ensuring an uninterrupted shower experience.

If for any reason you need to stop the water in your shower, such as saving water while you're shampooing, you will be able to turn the thermostat off and then simply restart it at the exact same temperature as before. The temperature selection is easy thanks to the premium carbodur ceramic discs inside the valve handles, allowing for a smooth handling easy-adjustable temperature at an extra wide angle of operation.

The first class engineering gives you the ability to save water and energy, reducing your house bills. The Thermostatic mixers feature an eco button. This means that your shower will start of at a reduced flow rate in order to help you save water and money, However, if you would like to increase the flow rate, you can press the Eco button again to de-activate this option, enabling a more powerful, full-flow shower. ​


GROHE Smartcontrol is the innovative shower control which lets you adjust the volume and temperature of your water effortlessly, as well as selecting your preferred spray and switching between head and hand shower. By using the push-turn handle and switching from EcoFlow to Full-Flow, it allows you to control the volume of the water, as well as enabling you to pause the water flow if you wish. The SmartControl even lets you store your preference for next time, so every shower is your perfect shower. ​

Our SmartControl showers enable you to experience shower pleasure to the power of three.​

  • ​FLEXIBLE – GROHE SmartControl gives you flexible control – simply turn the dial to find your ideal volume. You can also select your spray, ranging from a delicate spray or a refreshing shower – just the way you like it
  • POWERFUL - Put power at your fingertips with GROHE SmartControl. Select a vigorous spray that’s powerful enough to rinse away shampoo, or a concentrated jet spray to massage away the stress of the day.​
  • RELAXING - Unwind and relax with GROHE SmartControl’s gentler options. Step into a soft and refreshing rain shower or turn the volume all the way up for a summer downpour.​


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Rainshower SmartControl
Shower system with thermostat for wall mounting
£ 2,041.03 RRP incl. VAT
Euphoria SmartControl System 310 Duo
Shower system with thermostat for wall mounting
£ 1,302.83 RRP incl. VAT
Euphoria SmartControl System 260 Mono
Shower system with bath thermostat for wall mounting
£ 1,316.09 RRP incl. VAT
Rainshower System
Shower system with thermostat for wall mounting
New Tempesta Cosmopolitan System
Shower system with thermostat for wall mounting
£ 558.96 RRP incl. VAT
New Tempesta Cosmopolitan System
Shower system with thermostat for wall mounting
£ 558.96 RRP incl. VAT
Euphoria Shower System
Shower system with thermostatic mixer for wall mounting
£ 793.78 RRP incl. VAT
Euphoria Shower System
Shower system with thermostatic mixer for wall mounting
£ 689.33 RRP incl. VAT

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