Your Complete Kitchen Sink Buyers Guide

There are lots of decisions you need to make when it comes to buying kitchen sinks as they play an essential role in making your kitchen stand out and making work for you. Hopefully this guide will help you choose the products that best suit you and your kitchen space.

Things to consider beforehand:

  • Functionality of product
  • Your Budget
  • Your kitchen layout
  • Choosing your design and colour
  • Installing process

Sink Options


Find your perfect stainless steel sink with GROHE. The GROHE K-series of stainless steel sinks has size and style options for every type of kitchen. Choose from 1, 1.5 or 2 bowl sinksGROHE stainless steel sinks offer a wealth of durable design options.

Moments of truth:

  • GROHE StarLight is the use of above standard stainless steel leaving you with a smooth and easy clean surface.
  • GROHE Quickfix allows for easy installation.
  • GROHE Whisper technology dampens noise.

Product features:

  • Waste fitting so that you don't need to put hands in dirty or hot water.
  • Spacious bowl

Why Stainless Steel:

  • High quality stainless steel means it’s more durable against rust and corrosion.


Find your perfect composite kitchen sink with GROHE. The GROHE K-series of sinks has size and style options for every type of kitchen. Choose from 1, 1.5 or 2 bowl sinks and two colors of composite material. GROHE sinks offer a wealth of durable design options.

Moments of truth:

  • Grohe Quickfix allows for easy installation of sink and tap.
  • GROHE Whisper insulation reduces noise from running water. This is down to the dense mix of quartz and acrylic which makes up the sink.

Product features:

  • Push-to-open plug which means you don't need to put your hand into dirty/hot water.
  • Spacious Bowls which means you can maneuver with greater ease when washing up. Sinks have a depth of at least 20cm.

Why Composite Sinks:

  • Heat resistant, scratch proof, stain-resistant, food safe, non fading, easy clean.

Mounting Options

There are a number of different mounting options available for your brand new kitchen sink.

Below shows which mounting options are availible for which sinks.

Mounting Types GROHE Composite Sinks Grohe Stainless Steel
Topmount: Traditional with a vertical 8mm edge
Flat Edge: inclined 3mm edge which has an elegant feeling
Undermount: Sleek and contemporary, fitted under the worktop
Flush Mount: Sink sunk 1.5mm deep meaning it’s perfectly flush with worktop





Stainless Steel Sink with Drainer
£ 156.31 RRP incl. VAT
K700 Undermount
Stainless steel sink
Stainless Steel Sink with Drainer
Composite sink
£ 379.48 RRP incl. VAT

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