Your Complete Kitchen Taps Buyers Guide

There are lots of decisions you need to make when it comes to buying kitchen sinks and taps as they play an essential role in making your kitchen stand out and making work for you. Hopefully this guide will help you choose the products that best suit you and your kitchen space.

Things to consider beforehand:

  • Functionality of product
  • Your Budget
  • Your kitchen layout
  • Choosing your design and colour
  • Installing process


Water Pressure

The water pressure in most areas of the UK is quite low. By identifying the plumbing system in your home, you can make an informed decision about the product that is best suited to your water pressure. You may wish to install a pump, or alternatively there are products that are suited to low pressure.


The second issue to consider is the placement of your taps. It is all well and good choosing the exact spot you want your new tap to sit. However, you need to consider how it will be connected to the water pipes. Also consider the practicalities of their placement; will a high, rounded spout design be practical under a low kitchen cabinet, for example?

Kitchen Taps

When designing a new kitchen, it can be easy to overlook the smaller details such as the tap. But there’s actually a surprising choice of kitchen taps available in an variety of different styles including contemporary and traditional, as well as finishes such as chrome and black to enhance any décor and kitchen space.

Although it’s great to have such a wide range to choose from, this can make your decision a little challenging. So, if you’re looking for a new kitchen tap, but not sure where to start, well, you can start here.

GROHE Water Systems

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It includes:

  • GROHE Red
  • GROHE Blue
  • GROHE Blue Pure

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Pull Out vs Spring Taps

Pull Out

If you’re after the highly functional kitchen tap, then pull-out taps are an option to be considered. Pull-out taps have a nozzle on a long hose that can be pulled out from the body of the main tap and can be used to conveniently fill larger pots, to rinse dishes or reaching every corner of your sink while cleaning. Pull-out taps are great for washing up and rinsing surfaces or utensils and are very useful in a busy kitchen.

GROHE also offers pull-out feature in GROHE Essence, Zedra and Eurosmart ranges, to mention a few. Pull-out taps can offer different spray patterns controlled by a button on the hose. For instance, a dual spray has two setting to choose from – a standard laminar spray or a powerful jet spray - perfect for achieving a multitude of kitchen tasks with ease!


For ultimate functionality, the GROHE K7 is a striking professional-style kitchen tap featuring a 360° turnable spring arm for an impressive operating radius. The solid metal spray with retractable hose allows for easy switching between mousseur and spray function, whilst the tap’s crisp architectural styling makes it a design feature in itself

Enhance your kitchen’s performance and look with Essence Professional, featuring a 360° spring arm and EasyDock M magnetic docking system, ensuring smooth docking of the pull-out spray head when you are done. Featuring GROHFlexx technology, the flexible and hygienic santoprene hose is not only easy to clean, but is exchangeable and comes in a number of colour finishes to choose from.

Extra Features


SmartControl Kitchen puts precise control at your fingertips; start and stop the water flow by pushing the button on the spray. To control the flow just turn the valve, changing smoothly from an eco-flow to a powerful jet.

To adjust the water temperature, turn the valve at the body gently to the left or right. The pull-out spray head design gives you great flexibility, and with this feature available in three designs and a number of attractive finishes.


Hidden GROHE technology lets you start and stop the flow of water with a single tap of your arm, wrist or the back of your hand, anywhere on the spout. No more greasy fingerprints or struggling to turn a lever with your elbow.

Easytouch taps have innovative solutions that let you control the flow of water without using your hands, making your kitchen more hygienic, convenient and instinctive to use.

Foot Control

With the GROHE FootControl upgrade set for GROHE pull-out kitchen taps, taps can be turned On and Off with a gentle tap of your foot on the base unit, leaving your hands free and your tap spotless at all times.

Magnetic Docking

Thanks to powerful integrated magnets the pull-out spray head retracts easily and smoothly to the perfect position every time after use.

Single-lever sink mixer 1/2"
£ 984.02 RRP incl. VAT
Essence Footcontrol
Electronic single-lever sink mixer 1/2"
Single-lever sink mixer 1/2"
£ 365.84 RRP incl. VAT

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