A contemporary bathroom featuring dark grey tiles, with a GROHE Rapido Shower Frame used to install the concealed shower system.


Discover the sleek sophistication of GROHE concealed showers, designed to blend seamlessly with your bathroom décor. With these systems, the plumbing is cleverly hidden behind the wall, resulting in a clean and spacious environment. Our extensive range of concealed shower sets combines modern aesthetics with advanced technology, ensuring a luxurious and efficient showering experience. Ideal for both renovations and starting afresh with new projects, GROHE concealed showers add elegance and functionality to any bathroom. Explore our diverse range and find the perfect solution to elevate your bathroom's style and comfort.


A contemporary bathroom featuring dark grey tiles, with a GROHE concealed shower system, head shower, built-in shelving, and a modern basin.


We all appreciate having extra space, particularly in the shower area. With hidden installation, GROHE concealed shower systems provide more room without sacrificing functionality.

A person's hand is shown adjusting a GROHE thermostat dial on a concealed shower system.


Prefer a minimalist aesthetic? Concealing the plumbing within the walls instantly cleans up your bathroom’s appearance, emphasising the room's simple, essential style.

A GROHE concealed shower system with a large head shower and chrome thermostat, mounted on a tiled wall with a linear texture.


With less product exposed, there's less product to clean. The slim and streamlined design makes maintaining the shower a lot easier and more convenient.

A diverse array of GROHE concealed shower thermostats in various shapes and finishes displayed on a grey background.


GROHE provides a diverse range of trimsets and showers, featuring various functions, available in an extensive colour palette to ensure that your concealed shower set matches your bathroom's style.


Water flowing from a concealed head shower, mounted to a black tile background.
Contemporary bathroom with a glass-enclosed walk-in concealed shower, dark grey tiling, wooden accents, and minimalist décor.
Close-up of a concealed round head shower with chrome finish, delivering a steady stream of water against a grey tiled background.
Elegant bathroom with marble walls, a concealed square shower, a hand-held shower fixture, and a small wooden side table with a plant.
Water flowing from a square form concealed head shower, mounted to a black tile background.
Sleek shower setup with a large round rain head shower and a separate hand shower, set against dark tiles and featuring a recessed shelf with toiletries.
An arm reaching up to adjust a large circular head shower mounted on a dark slate tiled wall.
Light-tiled minimalist bathroom with a walk-in concealed shower, overhead shower, and a stool with towels beside a window.
Modern shower corner with a square rain head shower and hand shower against a wall of dark, linear tiles, next to a plant.
Light-tiled bathroom with a concealed shower, overhead shower, and hand shower beside a window.
An installer stands next to a fully assembled GROHE Rapido Shower Frame against a concrete wall.


The GROHE Rapido Shower Frame offers a streamlined solution for installing concealed shower systems. Components like pre-assembled mixed water pipes and concealed elements, plus a pre-delivery leak test, save valuable work time. Choose from Mono or Duo models to match specific GROHE shower systems. There's a ten-year guarantee for peace of mind.

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A close-up of the GROHE Rapido Smartbox system


The GROHE Rapido SmartBox System offers universal, flexible installation options with trim selection at your convenience

  • Supports three shower/bath functions with one trim
  • Efficient piping thanks to bottom inlets
  • Six-degree adjustable wall plates
  • 75mm minimum installation depth
  • Optional service stops for retrofitting
  • Compliant with retrofit backflow protection for 2-function products
  • Easy job-side mounting

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 A close-up of a GROHE Rainshower head shower with water flowing.


A GROHE Rainshower head shower provides luxurious, tailor-made showering. Combining essential elements along with additional features for utmost comfort and pleasure, the solid metal Rainshower head ranges from 210mm to 400mm in diameter, delivering various GROHE shower sprays.

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A close-up of a GROHE Euphoria head shower with water flowing.


The GROHE Euphoria range offers head showers with a variety of spray patterns for a personalised showering experience. Available in multiple sizes and colours, they seamlessly complement any bathroom style. With water-saving features, you can shower with a clear conscience.

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A close-up of a GROHE Tempesta head shower with water flowing.


GROHE Tempesta, the best-selling head shower, delivers exceptional showering pleasure. The sleek round or cube design suits any bathroom décor. The 250mm spray face allows for more water coverage, producing a gentle, soothing water flow, easing away tension and revitalising your senses.

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A close-up view of a GROHE smart control in square form and a modern bathroom with a concealed shower.


Streamline your shower with GROHE SmartControl Concealed, offering simply push-turn operation and easy cleaning. Available in round or square designs with chrome or moon white acrylic finishes, it brings precise control and aesthetic elegance to your showering space.

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A close-up view of a GROHE two handle thermostat in round form and a modern bathroom with a concealed shower with dark tile.


Our two-handle thermostats are designed for straightforward, intuitive use. Twist left for the hand shower, right for the head shower and adjust the flow accordingly. Available in single-function for showers or dual-function for shower and bath operations.

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A close-up view of a GROHE single lever mixers in round form and a bathroom with a concealed shower beside a window.


Our sleek and elegant single-lever mixers offer easy temperature and flow control, while the new models boast a three-way diverter for selecting the jet, rain, or hand shower setting. It's possible to switch between head shower, hand shower and bath filler.

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 A close-up of a GROHE Rainshower head shower with water flowing.


GROHE shower systems are the perfect match in form and function, complete with an effortless setup. Create an individual look for every bathroom with an array of colour choices that range from timeless elegance to modern flair, all tailored to your taste. Available in eco friendly & cost efficient variants, with innovative features that reduce water and energy consumption, so you can enjoy a sustainable showering experience without compromising on comfort. Backed by nearly 90 years of manufacturing expertise, GROHE shower systems are reliable, durable, and designed for customer satisfaction.

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