Concealed Showers

In the following section, we will go a little more in-depth about concealed showers to help you decide if this is the right option for you.

Concealed showers provide a smooth and uncluttered design to fit a modern style. The concealed technology is stored behind the wall, enabling a clean minimalistic finish to your bathroom.​ The term "concealed" refers to the body of the shower, including the thermostat and the mixer being hidden behind the wall. This type of installations offer more space in the shower without compromising on functionality or comfort.

Single-Lever Mixer

Our single-lever mixers benefit from a beatiful streamlined design. Simple but elegant, the handle offers comfortable temperature control whilst raising the handle controls the volume of water.​

Our new models include a three-way diverter which stands out for sheer elegance of function. This secondary handle has three positions. Rotating it allows you to choose between different sprays, for example - a powerful jet spray, a relaxing rain shower and a hand shower. It can even be used to switch showers, for example - between a head shower, a hand shower and a bath filler.


Streamline your shower space with GROHE SmartControl Concealed. This sleek, intuitive system lets you control your shower with a simple push-turn action. With its slim and streamlined design, SmartControl Concealed is easy-to-clean, and offers precise control with a wide range of head and hand showers to give you all the design flexibility you need.

Everything about SmartControl Concealed is tailored to give you the best experience, even the aesthetics. It comes in two different shapes – round or square – and two different finishes – a chic chrome and a thoroughly modern moon white acrylic glass.​


Our two-handle thermostats with conventional operation are designed to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Turn on the hand shower by rotating the upper control button slightly to the left. To increase the water flow and obtain a more powerful spray, simply keep turning the button further to the left. And to switch over to the head shower, turn the control button towards the right. Continue turning to the right to turn up the volume. Also available as 1-function model to operate a single shower or 2-function model for shower and bath fill operation.​

Rapido Smartbox System

With its universal solutions, our GROHE Rapido SmartBox System is the answer for everything. Never before has a rough-in from GROHE offered so many different options and so much flexibility and freedom. And with the GROHE Rapido SmartBox System you can install the box now and decide on a trim in the future.

  • One rough-in runs up to three shower/bath filler functions with just one trim
  • Efficient piping thanks to bottom inlets
  • Wall plates adjustable by six degrees
  • Only 75 mm minimuminstallation depth
  • Optional service stops for retrofit for all thermostats and SmartControl mixers
  • Always compliant withretrofit backflow protection for 2-function products
  • Easy job-side mounting,no bench vice needed
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Grohtherm SmartControl
Perfect shower set with Rainshower SmartActive 310
£ 1,931.03 RRP incl. VAT
Grohtherm SmartControl
Perfect shower set with Rainshower SmartActive 310 Cube
£ 1,919.99 RRP incl. VAT
Grohtherm SmartControl
Perfect shower set
£ 1,336.68 RRP incl. VAT
Grohtherm SmartControl
Perfect shower set
£ 1,703.44 RRP incl. VAT
Grohtherm Cube
Perfect shower set with Rainshower Allure 230
£ 1,700.58 RRP incl. VAT
Perfect shower set with Rainshower Cosmopolitan 210
£ 1,286.59 RRP incl. VAT
Perfect shower set with Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160
£ 995.93 RRP incl. VAT

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