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Grohe Screwfix Newsletter Comeptition T&C’s

GROHE UK is giving away either a GROHE Red Duo C Spout Instant Hot Water Tap, 30058001 (Screwfix SKU, 982JJ) or a GROHE Rainshower SmartControl Duo 360 Shower System, 26250000 (Screwfix SKU, 180XT) as part of their Screwfix Email Giveaway. By participating in this competition, the user is agreeing to the below listed terms of conditions.


The host of the competition is GROHE UK (subsequently listed as GROHE). The competition ha is in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Screwfix. GROHE is not providing any data of participants to Screwfix.


Eligible for participation are individuals above the age of 18 years and who are residents in the United Kingdom. For underage participants GROHE is presuming the approval of the legal guardian.

Participation through organised competition clubs or groups, organised services for competition entries, automated or multiple participation is not permitted.

Participation is only permitted with a valid Screwfix Email account, which allows the identification of an individual.

Participation through counterfeit profiles or through the identity of a third individual is not permitted.

If needed, participants will need to prove their eligibility for participation in this competition. If the participant(s) cannot prove their eligibility for participation in the given timeframe by GROHE, GROHE reserves the right to exclude said participant(s) from the competition.


In this competition there is 1 prize to be given away of either a GROHE Red Duo C Spout Instant Hot Water Tap, 30058001 (Screwfix SKU, 982JJ) or a GROHE Rainshower SmartControl Duo 360 Shower System, 26250000 (Screwfix SKU, 180XT). One person will win either one of these prizes, which they will choose.

In the unlikely event that the prize will not be available GROHE reserves the right to replace the prize through an equivalent one at their own discretion.

The prize will be delivered within 120 days of the winner confirming their address.

How to participate

The whole competition will take place from 16th October 2023 7:00BST and will close on 11th November 2023 at 23:59GMT. Any entries received after this time will not be included. To participate in this competition, the entrant must subscribe (and double opt-in) to GROHE’s Newsletter communication at https://www.grohe.co.uk/en_gb/grohe-screwfix-newsletter.html. The competition will take place solely through email and entries through any other channels will not be eligible.

Postal consignments will not be included in the naming of a winner/ the winners.

Identification of winner(s) and notification

All eligible entries will be collated and winners will be chosen at random.

The winning individuals are only eligible to win the prize as stated above

The winners will be notified via email by a member of the GROHE UK team at marketing-UK@grohe.com. The winners will be notified no later than the 30th November 2023. Winners will have to send an email to the email address provided within the winner announcement to claim their prize. They will be asked to supply their personal information (name, address, mobile phone number) to GROHE within 7 days via the channel requested i.e. via email.

If the information requested is not provided to GROHE within the given timeframe, the participant forfeits the right to the prize.

In case the message with the nomination of the winner cannot be delivered to the participant, GROHE is under no obligation to investigate how to contact the participant; there is no claim to the prize by the participant in this case.

Exclusion of participants

GROHE reserves the right to exclude participants without stating reasons who have given wrong or incomplete information or who have participated using illegal resources or who are acting against the terms and conditions.

This especially applies in case participants have violated the rights of third parties, ie. Submitting an email address which they do not own. GROHE has the right to ask the participant for a written statement if he/she is under suspicion of violating the terms and conditions. If the written statement is not provided within the given timeframe, GROHE reserves the right to exclude the participant from the competition.

Data Security

Personal information will only be saved to complete the competition. A transfer of data to a third party will only take place, if necessary, to complete the competition, ie. the packaging and delivering of the prize. Once the competition is completed, all personal data will be deleted.

GROHE only collects data (except in the context of web server logs) from you if you provide us with this information voluntarily to use one of our services (e.g. ordering informational material, inquiries, product related processes, partner programs). This data is exclusively processed and/or used for providing the respective service. Where necessary for providing you with a certain service, your data may also be forwarded to Group companies.

Where necessary, service providers may also be commissioned by us to perform the service requested (e.g. for the sending of informational material, provide technical solutions). These service providers are also bound by German Federal Data Protection Act and are required by GROHE to protect your data and ensure data is not disclosed to unauthorized parties and safeguarded to the legal standards. Your personal data will not be sent to any other third parties.


GROHE is not taking responsibility for data lost while transmitting the participation, for technical defects or lost, damaged or belated entries to the competition which are related to network, hardware or software problems. Any warranty claims by participants are hereby excluded.

Changes to the competition

GROHE is reserving the right to change or end the competition in case of unaccounted circumstances.

GROHE is empowered to end or pause the competition

In case a manipulation has been detected

If Facebook, Instagram or Twitter has changed their guidelines to run competitions on their platform and the competition in question is not fulfilling all requirements requested, or the competition was stopped by Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in any form.

A compliant completion cannot be ensured, especially in the case of a hardware, software deficit, programming errors, computer virus or unauthorized interventions by third parties as well as mechanical, technical or legal problems.

GROHE is under no circumstances responsible for loss, deficits or delays caused out of GROHE’s scope of responsibility.

Our ownership and use of entries

All copyright and other rights in the entries you submit are the property of the Promoter and you hereby transfer to us all such rights in all media for the whole term of protection (including any extensions or renewals to that term). Accordingly, as the owner of the entries we may make any use of them we choose in our sole discretion including using the messages, photographs, videos, audio, links and any other material comprised in the entries on any other social media and/or other websites (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube) and may do so without acknowledging you as the author of that material. Accordingly, you hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waive any moral rights or similar rights you have in your entry.

Ineffectiveness of clauses

In case any of the above-named clauses are invalid, all of the other terms and conditions still apply. GROHE reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time during the competition.

Transfer, cash payment, legal actions

Any prize or the rights to the prize is not transferrable to another individual. The decision of GROHE is final and binding in all respects.