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Grohtherm 2000 Thermostatic bath/shower mixer 1/2"

34464001 - Grohtherm 2000 Thermostatic bath/shower mixer 1/2
34464001 - Grohtherm 2000 Thermostatic bath/shower mixer 1/2
  • Chrome
Product Number 34464001
EAN 4005176926433
£ 322.90 RRP excl. VAT

Product Description

GROHE Grohtherm 2000 – Luxurious bathroom waterfall

This attractive bath tap fills your tub in no time at the desired temperature and with an incredibly silent water flow, letting you indulge in a relaxing spa-style ambience. This powerful thermostat, combined with the elegant EasyReach tray providing a convenient storage shelf for your body care products, is always safe to touch thanks to the GROHE CoolTouch technology that prevents its surface from heating up. With the ergonomic GROHE AquaDimmer, you can easily switch between waterfall bath spout and shower. The GROHE SafeStop button prevents users – especially children – from turning up the water temperature too high while bathing or showering. Thanks to its scratch resistant and easy cleaning chrome finish, this gem will retain its dazzling look for years to come. The integrated water-saving technology permits you to reduce your consumption on the shower outlet by up to 50%, so you can fully indulge in your shower or bath while saving precious natural resources.

Product Highlights

Cut down on water consumption and bills with GROHE EcoJoy

GROHE EcoJoy reduces the amount of water your tap uses by up to 50%. The really clever part is that thanks to the tap’s internal technology you still get a full jet of water every time you turn on the tap. Save water and money without compromising on comfort.

High shine chrome coating makes cleaning easy

GROHE Starlight chrome coating on taps means you can just wipe them down with a dry cloth – no marks, no streaks, no water spots. The ultra-bright surface is scratch-resistant so will keep its original lustre with minimal maintenance.

Set water temperature instantly and reliably with GROHE TurboStat

No more sudden temperature changes. With GROHE TurboStat thermostat technology, set your desired temperature then enjoy perfect comfort knowing your water won’t suddenly heat up or go cold no matter how the supply fluctuates.

For a super-safe surface that’s cool to the touch

Ensure your taps are never hotter than the water flow with GROHE's CoolTouch technology. An integrated channel inside the body of the thermostat means that the water won’t transfer heat to the surface. So everyone – especially kids – can enjoy pure indulgence free from the risk of scalding.

Bath and shower control with built-in water saver

GROHE AquaDimmer Eco combines an integrated diverter with an additional eco function. Switch between bath spout and shower head or head and hand shower, while also selecting the flow rate, then at the touch of the Eco button reduce the flow by up to 50% while retaining a luxurious spray pattern.

GROHE SafeStop (Plus) – scalding protection at 38°C and (optional) 43°C

Great for homes with children, this safety feature is set at 38°C, preventing you from turning up the water temperature too high. If desired, higher temperatures can be selected by pushing the button. Optional for additional safety: the easy-to-fit GROHE SafeStop Plus limiter ensures that the temperature does not exceed 43°C.

Integrated EasyReach tray keeps shower products to hand

The EasyReach shower tray means your shower products are where you need them. No more reaching blindly for the soap. The EasyReach tray’s flat surface is the perfect place to set out your favourite shower gels, shampoos and conditioners so you never have to hunt for them. Designed to perfectly match your GROHE taps and guaranteed easy to clean.

GROHE Aqua Paddles design is easy to use, even with soapy hands

Control volume and temperature easily with the GROHE Aqua Paddles. This ergonomic design from GROHE offers anti-slip operation without compromising on style. Bring perfect control to your family bathroom.

Extra-wide spout creates silent waterfall effect

Complete your home spa with GROHE XL Waterfall. The tap’s extra-wide spout lets water pour silently, creating a restful, luxurious spa effect that will be the star of your bathroom.

Markings on the tap made for clear and simple control

Getting the right temperature made easy. GROHE’s EasyLogic system places temperature markings on the body of the tap so it’s always obvious – even to the youngest family members – how to adjust your water temperature. Intuitive to use and ideal for busy families.

Get s-union brackets for a sleeker and safer mounting

S-union mounting system is safe, durable and discreet. The s-union bracket is attached to the wall. It’s then covered with a specially designed plate – guaranteeing heat insulation and therefore safety – before the thermostat is fitted over that. The smooth plates are also easy to clean and keep looking their best.

Technical Data & Care Instructions

Technical Information

Technical Product Information
Dimensional Drawing

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Spare Parts

Pos.-nr. Prod. description Order-nr.
Optional accessories
1 Shut-off handle 47923000
1.1 Cover Cap 4788300M
2 Temperature limiter 47925000
3 Aquadimmer 12433000
4 Water flow 47751000
5 Temperature control handle 47917000
5.1 Cover Cap 4788300M
6 retaining ring 47743000
7 Thermostatic compact cartridge 1/2" 47439000
8 Non-return valve 47189000
8.1 Filter 0726400M
8.2 Non-return valve 08565000
8.3 O-Ring Ø17 x Ø2 0305500M
9 S-union 12693000
10 Water flow 47924000
11 GROHE EasyReach shower tray 18608001
12 Extension 30 46238000*
13 Socket Spanner 19332000*
14 Thermo-element 1/2" for changed waterways 47175000*
15 Special Spanner 19377000*
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Bathroom Brochure

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