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Thanks to innovative technology, saving energy while showering and washing your hands is especially convenient with our modern bathroom taps. GROHE SilkMove ES technology helps you reduce your hot water consumption.


With easy-to-use GROHE taps featuring SilkMove ES you save valuable energy without sacrificing design. GROHE SilkMove ES guarantees a contemporary and sustainable use of energy, thanks to the integrated energy-saving function, which only allows the flow of cold water when the lever is in the middle position.

The unnecessary flow of hot water is avoided, saving you money. The smooth and generous operating angle of the lever allows the flow of hot water by moving it from the middle position to the left. Giving you a particularly smooth and precise fine-tuning of water flow and temperature control.

GROHE SilkMove ES is a perfect example of how GROHE design and technology harmonise to give you an energy-conscious water experience with a difference.


Several perfectly coordinated, innovative factors ensure the precise function and durability of taps that feature SilkMove ES.

GROHE SilkMove

GROHE taps with SilkMove ES are made of durable ceramic and Teflon parts inside. Thanks to the use of ceramic surfaces and Teflon technology in GROHE SilkMove ES cartridges, moving the lever is easy and silky smooth.

GROHE SilkMove

When the tap is in the middle or tuned to the right, only cold water flows. Should you desire a warmer temperature, warm water will be slowly added until you turn the lever completely to the left. Since only cold water flows when you open the faucet in the middle position, you can save valuable energy thanks to GROHE SilkMove ES. You can effectively reduce your hot water consumption when washing your hands. This helps to protect the environment and your energy bill.

GROHE SilkMove

Sustainable production also includes unnecessary waste. GROHE SilkMove ES products run as smoothly after 20 years as they did on the first day. This helps you avoid unnecessary metal waste and saves you the hassle of replacing the tap. We also ensure that spare parts are still available for 10 years after purchase.


It is important to reduce your hot water consumption and save money on your energy bill. However, to ensure you also reduce your water bill, all GROHE SilkMove ES products also feature innovative EcoJoy technology.

GROHE EcoJoy is specifically designed to reduce water consumption without sacrificing convenience. EcoJoy reduces your water usage by up to 50%. Thanks to a built-in aerator, the flow volume does not change in the process. Therefore, you won't feel any change in water volume when washing your hands, showering, or washing up. With GROHE SilkMove ES and EcoJoy, you can contribute to a more sustainable way of life while not compromising on comfort.



GROHE has made a conscious decision to see sustainability as an integral aspect of its corporate culture. That's why SilkMove ES and EcoJoy are built into a wide range of products while maintaining the design and high-quality of the products. Because SilkMove ES and EcoJoy feature in so many of our product lines, you can effortlessly equip your bathroom and kitchen with environmentally conscious products.


Because sustainability is a core aspect of GROHE's philosophy, you'll find SilkMove ES technology built into many of our products. Discover stylish bathroom and kitchen taps now!


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Find out on the following pages what sustainability means to GROHE and how we implement it in our products whilst delivering the highest quality and convenience.

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