Focusing on three strategic pillars in connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


By 2025, improve the livelihood of 100 million people through sanitation and hygiene initiatives

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By 2050, achieve net-zero carbon emissions from housing and lifestyle solutions as well as operations, and become a leading manufacturer based on a model that preserves water and natural resources for future generations

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By 2020, establish the culture of diversity and inclusion within our organization and among all employees, and by 2030, ensure all products and services* are based on LIXIL’s Universal Design concept

* Scope: Products and services in Japan (from August 2019)

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How all LIXIL brand´s sustainability initiatives contribute to the Strategic Pillars


A safe and affordable toilet solution. Improving the lives of millions of people around the world through ground-breaking sanitation solutions.

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As one of the first leading sanitary manufacturers GROHE has achieved carbon-neutral production.

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In 2018, GROHE launched its initiative to replace plastic in product packaging with more sustainable alternatives. Until September 2020, approximately 21 million items of product packaging made from plastic could be eliminated; by 2021, this figure is to be significantly increased to up to 35 million. The transition to plastic-free packaging is a process that involves all production sites equally. In addition to identifying the most commonly used plastic packaging, new, more sustainable material alternatives must be researched, tested and then implemented.


In 2018


Plastic-free packaging by 2021


Research, testing and implementation of more sustainable alternatives

RESULT 09/20

Approximately 21 million items of product packaging made from plastic could be eliminated


Identification of the most frequently used plastic packaging and its usage

Search for material alternatives

Laboratory tests with various paper-based alternative materials as well as tests without protective foils

Implementation of workshops in the German plants

GROHE cooperates with the Pacific Garbage Screening Project

GROHE supports the Pacific Garbage Screening (PGS) project of Marcella Hansch. Together with an interdisciplinary team of natural scientists, engineers and marine biologists, the trained architect is working on the development of a water platform that will collect plastic waste before it damages the ecosystems in oceans and rivers.

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GROHE water and energy saving technologies and products

GROHE has developed a line of smart water-saving products that use less water but do not reduce the enjoyment of the experience. GROHE EcoJoy faucets, for example, use a flow-limiting mousseur to reduce water consumption from 10 litres per minute to just over five litres. But because GROHE EcoJoy faucets also have an aerator, the user experiences the same voluminous flow as that given by a regular faucet.

With GROHE SilkMove ES the starting point of the lever in the mid-position only allows the inflow of cold water and prevents unnecessary hot water consumption. This ensures to save energy.

GROHE Blue provides sparkling, medium sparkling and still water that is filtered and chilled directly from the kitchen tap.

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Universal Design

By 2050, more than one in five people are projected to be over the age of 60. Universal Design allows as many people as possible to use a product, irrespective of age, nationality, ability, disability or capability.

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