There is nothing better than a thirst-quenching tall glass of water especially when you are parched. Keeping our bodies continuously hydrated is a human necessity and we’d be lost without it. However, water doesn’t just equal water. Fresh, filtered, and tasty water is just a water filter system away. So change the way you drink water one sip at a time with an at home water filter system from GROHE, which turns ordinary tap water into clear, pure, fresh water every single time you reach for the tap. It couldn’t be easier to quench your thirst.


Adding a water filter system from GROHE to your home will put an end to schlepping heavy water bottles through your home every week. Now you can enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of water at the touch of a button. We have a variety of various water filtration system available.

  • GROHE Blue Home – the ideal water filter system for your home, for a perfectly tasting and filtered glass of chilled still or sparkling water straight from the kitchen tap.
  • GROHE Blue Pure – is a great solution for those who prefer freshly filtered still water.
  • GROHE Blue Professional – a fantastic water filter system for larger spaces such as offices.
  • GROHE Red – perfectly filtered kettle hot water for your tea drinking pleasure.

GROHE Blue and GROHE Red water systems filter and purifies your tap water with five phases. The first phase filters out any coarse particles such as dirt and sand. The second phase tackles the removal of organic compounds such as insecticides and chlorine, filtering them out. Phase three focuses on removing traces of heavy metals and limescale. Phase four ensures that minerals are not removed from the water and the final stage of filtration captures the tiniest of particles. For perfectly filtered water every single time.

GROHE Blue gives you the ultimate in fresh water for your thirst-quenching pleasure. All you need to do is decide your water preference on any given day. Simply opt for still, medium, or sparkling water, thanks to an integrated CO2 cartridge. Control your GROHE home water filter system with the GROHE Watersystems APP. Not only can you order new filters and CO2 directly within the app but you can also monitor your water consumption. GROHE Red offers you kettle hot filtered water with just a touch of a button, gone are the days frustratedly waiting for the kettle to boil.


Replacing GROHE Water Filter Cartridges could not be easier. Simply unscrew the old filter, insert the GROHE Cleaning Cartridge after the process is complete, and insert the new filter. There are a variety of various GROHE Water Filter Cartridges available to suit your personal set up, be it a residential water filter system, or for an office building, we have the right one for you.

  • GROHE Filter S-size
  • GROHE Filter M-size
  • GROHE Filter L-size
  • GROHE Activated carbon filter – designed specifically for areas with soft water. It removes impurities from your water and is compatible with GROHE Blue Home, Professional, and Pure water filter system.
  • GROHE Red filter with filter head – Ideal for hard water areas, the filter filters out all impurities so you can enjoy deliciously tasting water every time.


GROHE Blue Home Duo is the ideal starter kit offering chilled and filtered and sparkling water straight from this beautifully designed single lever tap that has two separate inner water ways for filtered and non-filtered water. Pressing the LED button effortlessly activates the filter. Choose from a wide variety of stunning tap shapes, such as the U-Spout, L-Spout, or GROHE Blue Home C-Spout. Furthermore, you can opt for the finish that is perfectly suited to your kitchen aesthetic - decide on brushed warm sunset, chrome, or hard graphite.

Find out which GROHE water filter is perfect for you. We recommend that these products are installed by an approved expert. This installation service is conveniently accessible for our customers purchasing a GROHE water filter system for their home.