Your Complete Toilet Buying Guide

When fitting out your bathroom, most of the time you have three options of toilet. Close coupled, back to the wall or wall-hung. Many factors can influence the decision for which option is best suited for you. Some of these include space, aesthetics, or price. This brief buying guide will help you understand how each option works and hopefully, help you decide which toilet works best for you.

Close Coupled Toilets

What is Close Coupled?

The toilet is an important piece in the bathroom due to its recurrent use. Choosing the right toilet is crucial in any bathroom. Confused about your options? we at GROHE are here to walk you through it.

The classic floor standing toilets have been adorning bathroom spaces for some years. Commonly these toilets have a cistern attached to the toilet bowl, creating one streamlined unit which combines both essential parts. Standing sanitary ware is practical, can be easily installed and is considerably cost friendly. Although floor standing toilets may seem to be the traditional choice, wall hung can bring another experience and look to your bathroom.

Is Close Coupled Right For You?

If you:

  • Have a lower budget in mind
  • Prefer an easier and simple installation
  • Prefer easier access for repairs or maintenance
  • Prefer a traditional decor
  • Are replacing an old close coupled

Then Opt for Close Coupled because…

  • You prefer a more traditional look for your bathroom
  • Easier to maintain with the system exposed
  • It is more affordable solution


  • Floor standing toilets are more difficult to clean
  • Takes up floor space and visual space
  • Less modern or the aesthetic choice
  • Height cannot be adjusted

Wall Hung Toilets

What is Wall Hung?

Wall hung toilets are increasingly becoming more popular in the UK. They are exactly what you would expect - the toilet bowl is mounted onto the wall itself, not on the floor. The cistern is concealed within the wall and can be accessed through the flush panel.

Because of the minimalistic style and the way the bowl is raised off the floor, this option carries many benefits.

The next question you may have is, ‘will it fall down when I sit on it?' Wall hung toilets are held up by the frame that is mounted within the wall. The toilet is then mounted onto this frame allowing it to hang plush to the wall. In fact, all GROHE wall hung toilets have a weight limit of 400kg, So there's nothing to worry about there.

Is Wall Hung Right For You?

If You...

  • Enjoy having sparkling clean bathrooms
  • Have limited space
  • Like a minimalist and modern style
  • Want to hide all plumbing material
  • Want to adjust the height of your toilet
  • Are working on a brand new or remodeled bathroom
  • Like your toilet to be quieter with the cistern being behind the wall
  • If you want to preserve the delicate surface of the floor

Then Opt for Wall Hung because...

  • You are able to clean all areas with minimal effort
  • They take up less space
  • With the cistern hidden away, the toilet makes less noise
  • When the toilet is fitted, you can adjust the height to your liking


  • Wall hung toilets come at a premium
  • A supporting unit is required behind the wall
  • Intricate installation; requires careful placement

An Overview of Toilets

Wall Hung Close Coupled
Ease of Cleanliness
Ease of Installation
Modern Look
Quiet in use
Traditional style
Adjustable height on installment
Preserve floor space

Some of our Best Sellers

Thermostat Collections


  • Rimless Toilet
  • Soft Close Seat and Lid
  • Colour alpine white
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Shower Collections


  • All in one Wall Hung set
  • Including Euro Ceramic
  • Soft Close Seat and Lid
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WC Solutions - Flush Plates & Sanitary Systems


  • 0.82 Installation Height
  • Comes Skate Cosmopolitan Chrome Flush Plate
  • Minimal noise thanks to GROHE Whisper
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Euro Ceramic
Bundle close coupled WC
£ 652.90 RRP incl. VAT
Bau Ceramic
Wall hung WC set
£ 252.37 RRP incl. VAT
Sensia Arena
Shower toilet complete system for concealed flushing cisterns, wall-hung
Rapid SL
Element for GROHE Sensia shower WCs, 1.13 m installation height

Flush Plates and Wall Frames Buying Guide

Flush plates are essential finishing touch for your complete bathroom design. With many different designs to choose from take a look and decide which style works best for you.

If wall hung toilets are an option that you are considering, the next step is understanding a little more about the wall frames.

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