GROHE Blue S-size filter starter set

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The GROHE Blue S-size filter starter set is the simple, compact solution that delivers pure, great-tasting drinking water – especially for hard water areas

You no longer have to find space in your kitchen for bottled water or bulky filtration systems thanks to the GROHE Blue S-size filter start set which turns source water into great-tasting table water. It is the ideal system for hard water areas (higher than 12° KH). Using a multiphase filtration process it removes larger particles like sand and dirt and reduces chlorine, heavy metals, and fine particles, while ensuring beneficial minerals are not removed. It also reduces lime to protect your household devices and enhance the taste of the water. The process transforms source water into pure, soft and delicious drinking water with a clean, fresh taste. The filter has a capacity of 600 litres (at 20° KH). A flow meter with digital display powered by two AA batteries monitors the lifetime of the filter and lets you know when it needs to be replaced. Simply unscrew the used cartridge and screw in the replacement. The filter set is compact and designed to occupy a minimum of space in the under-sink cabinet. And it’s compatible with all GROHE Blue Pure single faucets and with GROHE Red water systems.

Product main features

  • Consisting of:
  • GROHE Blue filter head
  • GROHE Blue S-Size filter for water hardness reduction and premium taste
  • Capacity 600 L at 20° dKH
  • flow meter for filter lifetime measurement including 2 x AA batteries
  • compatible with GROHE Blue Pure single faucets and GROHE Red water systems
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1 Filter Head 64508001
2 Filter S-Size 40404001

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