GROHE Blue Magnesium+ Filter

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GROHE Blue magnesium+ filter – the extra for your health

Perfectly pure and refreshing water guaranteed – that's the beauty of GROHE Blue and the GROHE Blue Magnesium+ filter, which also enhances the water with up to 35mg/l of magnesium, a vital health-boosting and stress-busting mineral – so it's good for everyone and even better for athletes and diabetics. The smart five-phase filter, which has a capacity of about 400 litres, removes all unwanted materials and impurities. First coarse particles as dirt are filtered out, then chlorine and compounds like pesticides are removed by carbon filtration. Lime and heavy metals are extracted by the ion exchanger while magnesium is added. The activated carbon filtration refines the water taste by filtering bad tasting substances. And finally the fine filtration captures even the smallest particles. Replacing the filter is easy: simply unscrew the old filter, insert the GROHE cleaning cartridge (40434001)*, start the cleaning process and then replace it with the new filter. The result is delicious tasting and health-giving water delivered straight from the tap! * You will also need to buy a reusable GROHE Blue cleaning cartridge adapter (40694000).

  • BWT replacement filter for GROHE Blue
  • for recharge of the water with magnesium
  • Capacity 400 L at 17° dGH
  • 5-stage filter
  • compatible with GROHE Blue Home, GROHE Blue Professional and GROHE Blue Pure