The modern and ergonomic design makes the new remote control easy to handle in one hand. You can adjust the spray strength, the position of the nozzles and the temperature at a fingertip. At the back side you have a display where you can enter into the settings of the Sensia Arena.

Opening of toilet seat

Opening of toilet seat and lid

Closing of toilet seat and lid


Flush (light)*

Flush (full)*

Rear washing
Press the button twice: Oscillating (wide)
Press the button 3 times: Oscillating (narrow)

Stops washing and dryer functions

Lady Shower
Press the button twice: Wide spray
Press the button 3 times: Super wide spray

Adjustment of water pressure

Adjustment of nozzle position

Adjustment of water and dryer temperature

*These buttons operate only if the automatic flush kit is installed (sold separately).

You’d like to find out more? Download the User Manual for more details.

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