GROHE has received over 450 design and innovation awards

We invest heavily in the development of new products to ensure our portfolio is the freshest in the industry. Our multi-award winning collections are relevant, exciting and constantly evolving – providing an unrivalled choice of unique and innovative solutions for the design community.

At GROHE, design is more than just aesthetic trappings. It is a quality feature and stands for the perfect synthesis of form and function. The result is the joy you experience every time you use our products. And the joy we experience every time we receive an award for our uncompromising love of quality.

The presentation of a red dot ‘best of the best’ award for GROHE Ondus® in 2007 was the first hint to the industry that design was now a fundamental brand pillar, in addition to quality, technology and sustainability. The total red dot award count now stands at an impressive 27- including three further ‘best of the best’ awards for GROHE Ondus® Digitecture (2009), the GROHE Rainshower® Icon hand shower (2010) and the new GROHE F-digital Controller (2011).

This commitment to producing the most relevant and inspiring designs in the sanitary industry has also resulted in GROHE advancing 104 places in the annual iF company ranking – the biggest gain in this classification, while awards from the USA, UK, China and Japan illustrate the international appeal of our portfolio. But perhaps one of the most significant shifts to have occurred in the last five years is the way in which creativity has been used not only to develop products that add value, but also as a catalyst to change the entire culture of the company.

GROHE awards

GROHE Sensia Arena: The most awarded GROHE product with 14 international design awards.

Once you’ve experienced the GROHE Sensia Arena, you’ll never look back. Gentler on your skin, more soothing and hygienic than wiping with paper – the GROHE Sensia Arena takes your daily cleansing routine further than ever before.

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GROHE Blue Home received 9 design awards.

When was the last time you truly tasted water? When you took a sip that left you thirsting for more? That’s what happens after your first encounter with GROHE Blue Home: a beautiful and intelligent system that transforms simple water into pure thirst-quenching pleasure, and your kitchen into a meeting place for thirsty friends.

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GROHE SmartControl received 9 design awards.

GROHE SmartControl brings the showering experience to a whole new level. Think of yourself as a DJ controlling a mixer only you are in the bathroom, controlling every aspect of your shower.

Not only can you choose ways to spray, but also the right degree of warmth and the type of water drops you like. Are you ready to turn your shower experience around?

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GROHE Essence received 6 design awards.

Discover a minimal style that’s full of warmth with GROHE’s new Essence tap. The slim architectural shape is enhanced with organic design elements ideal for a contemporary kitchen, inviting touch and interaction for the sensual chef.

Choose between two models, one with swivel spout and onewith a solid metal pull-out spray, which offers easy switching between mousseur and spray. Add in a choice of twogreat-looking and durable finishes and you’ll see that greatdesign doesn’t have to mean compromise on functionality.

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GROHE Lineare received 6 design awards.

The cosmopolitan aesthetic of Lineare is minimal yet highly inviting. In keeping with the concept of minimalism, Lineare has been reduced to only the necessary elements to achieve the thinnest possible appearance. The line is based on a composition of two simple geometric structures – cylindrical bodies and thin rectangular forms of the handle and spout create beautiful harmonious compositions.

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No. 1 most trusted brand by consumers (in the sanitary industry)


FORTUNE Magazine: Among top 50 companies to "change the world"


300+ Design awards won since 2003


CSR Award 2017 winner of the German government

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