Order & Return

How can I get in touch with GROHE sales for a bulk order?

GROHE operates in many different countries. To get in touch with GROHE in your country, please click on the link below:


How can I return a product?

When your return a product, please fill in our contact form. We will check this as quickly as possible and get in touch with you. If you are under warranty, we will cover all costs. To access our contact form, please click on the link below:


I and / or the plumber found a part missing from the original packaging, I need Grohe to provide this part for foc to be able to install the product?

If you're missing anyhting from your product please contact your retailer who should be able to facilitate a return and replacement product. If for any reason this is not possible please contact our service team by emailing info-uk@grohe.com.