Cerros De Los Alpes

Cerros de los Alpes is surrounded by natural green areas and creates security and living quality.

These accommodation units are found in the exclusive Usaquén district of Bogotá, Colombia. The ”Cerros” or “towers”, each have nine floors, each containing four units. The residents share all of the sports and leisure offers, as well as the children’s playgrounds, as communal areas. Additionally, there are large integrated green areas. Cerros de los Alpes caters for a high standard of living and a few famous Colombians have retreated here.

With the Lineare washbasins and the Eurosmart Cosmopolitan line residents of the Cerros don’t have to do without comfort. And in the showers and tubs, the shiny Grohtherm wall-mounted faucets are among the best, as they could not be easier to operate and are safe and low-maintenance. And reflecting control elements beautify the bathrooms. The kitchens of the luxury units sport GROHE Concetto sink mixers. And GROHE SilkMove cartridge technology makes it possible to regulate the temperature and volumes precisely and perfectly

Architect : Arquitectura y Concreto, Bogotá, Colombia

Address : Santa Bárbara Alta Calle 121, Bogotá, Colombia

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Installed GROHE products in this project

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