Carrara House, Luz
Lagos , Portugal

Cool white stone contrasts against the azure blue sky of Luz, Portugal. The Carrara House uses striking, simple silhouettes and finishes, allowing the architect, Mário Martins, to play with notions of weight and weightlessness, light and shade. A dramatic, 30 meter-long terrace draws the eye along it and towards the sea. This unadorned space both frames and shades the main living space, as well as giving various access points to the open-plan living room and kitchen within.

An infinity pool further extends the space, from which water cascades into a shallower pool in the sloping garden below, creating an almost hidden, shady spot, screened by water droplets – another playful touch, which also emphasizes the gradual slope of the plot. Inside the spaces are just as streamlined, with crisp, clean lines throughout. Visual texture is added via panels of pale marble, with GROHE Eurocube fittings making the perfect Cubist punctuation for the luxurious bathroom space.

Architect: Mário Martins Atelier
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Project address: Luz Lagos, Portugal
Date of completion: 2017

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