Niehku: Arctic Adventures, Top-Class Comfort and GROHE Euphoria

The Niehku Mountain Villa was conceived by a group of dreamers, adventurers and entrepreneurs with a passion for skiing and the great outdoors. The name Niehku, in fact, derives from the Northern Sami word for ‘dream’. This concept permeates the entirety of the remote lodge. From the warm, industrial glamour of its interior finishings to the GROHE Euphoria and GROHE Essence products found in the bathrooms. With the aurora borealis in the sky above, and the flames of the hearth after a long day on the slopes, Niehku is a wintery wonder.

Located on Riksgränsen, the national border between Sweden and Norway, Niehku sits 200km north of the Arctic Circle. Built upon the site of the legendary Malmbanan train line, Niehku incorporates this unique history into its design. Award-winning Swedish design agency Stylt created the overall concept, the interior design and branding, based on the story of the old train roundhouse that used to operate where Niehku now stands. Mixed with local Sami tradition and extreme outdoor adventures as well as world class accommodation and gastronomy, the venue is aiming to secure a leading position in global adventure tourism. Listed as a site of historical heritage, the ruins of the roundhouse cut right through the new building, providing a spectacular reminder of the region’s rich history. The Iron Ore Line is renowned for its century-long role ferrying ore across nearly 400km of Northern Norway and Sweden. This fascinating architectural feature was ingeniously retained by architects Krook & Tjäder.

Niehku: The Perfect Getaway

Niehku was created as a comfortable home-away-from-home and is ideal for exploring the adventurous activities on offer in the area. The mountain villa is the perfect base from which to experience fantastic adventures in the heart of Lapland. With access to over 60 skiable mountain peaks, as well as a multitude of valleys and lakes - each bearing a Sami name - it's possible to ski round the clock under the midnight sun from May through to Midsummer.

During the rest of the year, the villa offers many other outdoor pursuits including hiking, cycling, climbing, running, fishing and hunting. Niehku also boasts access to the stunning natural mountain landscapes of Lapland, including the most remote roadless areas. For the super adventurous, wanting to visit the most isolated locations, helicopter is the only way to travel. Niehku's heli-skiing packages provide guests with the opportunity to go where almost no-one has gone before. Explore true Arctic wilderness with ease.

From Local Tradition to GROHE Euphoria

After a day packed with exhilaration and adventure, nothing beats returning to the warmth, luxury and comfort of home. This is where the interior of the mountain villa comes into its own. With 14 double rooms, a restaurant, bar, lounge and spa, Niehku is well equipped to warm your cockles. Stylt’s interior design plays on the architectural features of the Malmbanan roundhouse. With rich materials employed tastefully in juxtaposition against nods to local culture and traditions, Stylt have crafted a profound sense of insulation from the cold outside. The absolute antithesis to the frozen landscapes of the Arctic Circle.

In the bathrooms, GROHE Essence faucets are paired with the GROHE Euphoria shower system to celebrate the pure local water. Finished with GROHE's Brushed Hard Graphite colour scheme, the fittings combine modern, contemporary design with exceptional and consistent functionality. Ideal whether you're warming up from the slopes, or embracing that ice-cold post-sauna shower!

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