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Zedra Touch



Put the sweeping, sensual power of water at the centre of your kitchen with the Zedra Touch. Zedra’s distinctive fluted swivel spout and beautifully tactile lever combine ergonomic design with visual flair. The addition of GROHE’s EasyTouch technology enables you to also control the water flow with just one touch. Choose your Touch function in the standard-version with an integrated mixing unit or upgrade with an under-sink Grohtherm Micro thermostat for perfectly controlled warm water and no danger of scalding.

Clean and Hygienic

Your tap stays clean when your hands are not:

Start the tap with your forearm or wrist to avoid cross contamination and to keep your tap clean.

Safe for Childen

The EasyTouch function is great for providing cold water. A simple upgrade that adds our thermostatic mixing valve, Grohtherm Micro, adjusts the water temperature with no risk of scalding.

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