GROHE SmartControl

Your perfect shower experience is here right at your fingertips

Think of a shower. Isn’t it simply water droplets falling down? It’s hardly rocket science. And yet what GROHE SmartControl does with water has to be felt to be believed. It elevates the simple shower to a whole new shower experience that seems to have been made for you alone.

The intelligence of GROHE SmartControl lets you rediscover the element of water: you can surround yourself with fat, lazy droplets like a summer rain or lend form to the water to massage and soothe away the day. Turn the volume all the way up for a deluge or down to deliver a fine spray. Or choose the right degree of warmth for every water drop. All at the touch of your finger.

You won’t believe how much intelligent control is hidden in this smart button

Enjoying a refreshing and personalised shower has never been easier. Just push the button to choose your preferred shower spray and enjoy. Switch whenever you like between a refreshing GROHE PureRain / Rain O2 spray, the new TrioMassage spray to massage your head and shoulders, or simply use the Power & Soul hand shower. Perhaps you’d prefer two sprays at the same time? No problem, just activate both buttons.

And showering with GROHE SmartControl is even smarter ... the innovative GROHE SmartControl technology offers spray selection and volume adjustment in one. Turn the GROHE ProGrip handle and alter the volume as you like. Your preferred setting is stored – perfect if you want to pause the shower or till the next time you use it. Smooth and intuitive controls, operated directly from the main shower unit, mean operation is simple and easy for the entire family. Now that’s smart.

Rainshower SmartControl

Push the button to start the shower

Rainshower SmartControl

Turn to adjust the water volume gradually from Eco to Full Flow.

Rainshower SmartControl

Push again to stop or pause the shower. The volume is now present when you restart.

Our heads are full of ideas – For more shower enjoyment

When you step into your shower we want you to enjoy all the variety that water has to offer. That’s why our head showers give you the choice of different spray types. And thanks to GROHE SmartControl, you can enjoy more than one spray at once. Try combining the GROHE PureRain spray with the stimulating TrioMassage. Or switch to the hand shower with the push of a button. Everything is possible, all is enjoyment. With its intuitive buttons, GROHE SmartControl gives you all you need to be completely in your element

The perfect finish

GROHE SmartControl comes in two stylish finishes: classic chrome and, for a subtly elegant design statement, moon white acrylic glass.

3 ways to plan your ideal shower moment

So that you can create your perfect shower, GROHE offers you three different ways to go about it - giving you maximum freedom to plan and to enjoy. Whether you are thinking of a simple makeover or want to completely redesign your shower area, GROHE has a range of installation solutions to suit all your needs.

SmartControl Exposed

GROHE SmartControl Exposed, combined with the striking Rainshower 360 head shower and shower rod, can be installed with minimum fuss for maximum effect.

Discover SmartControl Exposed

SmartControl Combi Shower System

The “excealed” solution – no visible shower rod, just the impressive Rainshower 360 head shower and GROHE SmartControl.

Discover SmartControl Combi

SmartControl Concealed

Reduce to the max. GROHE SmartControl Concealed is installed behind the wall for a clean, minimalistic look and more freedom of space.

Discover SmartControl Concealed