GROHE Sensia Arena Shower Toilets: The Future of Hygiene

A hotel’s main endeavor is to provide the utmost comfort for its patrons. Nobody understands this better than Marc Meurin, the renowned Michelin-star chef who runs the 4-star Le Château de Beaulieu hotel, in Busnes, France. Meurin also heads the hotel's two-Michelin-star gourmet restaurant and recently oversaw a significant renovation of the building - including the installation of 24 GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilets - as part of Le Château de Beaulieu's 10th anniversary. Meurin's investment in GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilets has not only been a positive investment for his guests, but for the hotelier himself. Sensia Arena’s functions are tailored to individual needs and offer the highest level of hygiene and comfort. Installation of the innovative units also serves as one of the Château’s efforts to become more environmentally conscious.

The decorated chef explains why he chose GROHE technology in the first place, and how he can’t imagine a modern hotel opting for any other option than GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilets.GROHE

GROHE Sensia Arena: Q&A with Marc Meurin

G: First of all, how did you find out about shower toilets?

MM: It was during a trip to Japan. I was reluctant to use them at first, but finally tried out the experience after a few days. From the first time I used one, I was convinced by the product and by the sense of hygiene that it offered. Using shower toilets quickly became an inevitable choice.

G: You ordered GROHE Sensia Arena toilets for your hotel – why did you place your trust in GROHE?

MM: GROHE is a renowned brand that is recognized for the quality of its products. All of the hotel’s bathrooms had been fitted with GROHE faucets, so I was already a fan. I've also found myself particularly attached to the brand’s reliability and simply seized the opportunity to enjoy a quality product that was both innovative and affordable.

G: What convinced you that GROHE Sensia Arena was the right choice?

MM: To me, the GROHE shower toilet is an groundbreaking product that provides a total sense of hygiene. This reflects the spirit of the hotel, as over recent years we’ve sought to commit to behavior that is more environmentally friendly, based on waste recovery and energy saving techniques. The Sensia Arena shower toilet is fully functional and customizable, and this is another one of its strengths. It’s great to be able to use the drying function, to adjust the intensity of the jets, or even change the water temperature depending on your personal preference.

G: How was Sensia Arena received by your clients?

MM: Even though most of our patrons had never tried shower toilets before, we’ve received extremely positive feedback. Sensia Arena doesn’t just appeal to grown-ups – children also had positive things to say about it. I think that customers who have tried the GROHE Sensia Arena units here will eventually end up adopting them at home. And for anyone who is still apprehensive about using the product, Sensia Arena does still allow you to enjoy the features of a more traditional toilet.

G: Finally, would you recommend the GROHE Sensia Arena to your colleagues in the hotel business?

MM: Yes, I’ve been so satisfied with these products that I had one installed in my home! I can’t imagine going back. The change is so radical and satisfying that you end up asking yourself how you ever managed to find personal hygiene in the past. In my opinion, it would be a mistake to renovate one’s equipment without installing bidet shower toilets. But then, perhaps there are still people out there who would buy a black-and-white television?

Marc Meurin, the renowned Michelin-star chef who runs the 4-star hotel Le Château de Beaulieu

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