GROHE Blue Starter kit 425 g CO2 bottles (4 pieces)

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GROHE Blue Starter kit containing 4 x CO2 bottles, for use with a GROHE Blue water system – delicious filtered and sparkling water at home

Enjoy delicious filtered, chilled and sparkling water on tap at home whenever you want it. This GROHE Blue Starter Pack contains 4 x 425g CO2 bottles to provide carbonated drinking water of ultimate purity from your GROHE Blue tap, meaning you’ll never run out of refreshment – each 425g bottle is enough to provide up to 60L of sparkling water. You can be sure that every drop from your tap will have a clean, pleasant taste thanks to the fact that, unlike other models on the market, GROHE draws CO2 only from natural sources deep within the earth, with a purity rating of 99.9% v/v min for a natural taste of wellbeing. It also helps regulate the acid/base balance in the body for good health. Easy to transport and install in just 30 seconds – unscrew the used bottle and screw in the new one. It couldn’t be simpler or safer. Once you have 4 empty bottles in your starter kit, please order GROHE Blue refill (1038619990) for a set of 4 refilled bottles.

Product main features

  • carbondioxide for food and beverage (E290)
  • Purity: CO2 99.9 % v/v min.
  • volume 1 bottle: 425 g, for up to 60 l of sparkling water
  • for refilling please order 40 687 000
  • This product is a hazardous substance. Find more information in the safety data sheet. You can download the safety data at:

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Whatever your idea of perfect water refreshment is – filtered, chilled, still, medium or sparkling – GROHE Blue Watersystems offers your choice at the touch of a button.

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