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GROHE Blue K7 Professional Starter kit

31355001 - GROHE Blue K7 Professional Starter kit
  • Chrome
  • supersteel
Product Number 31355001
EAN 4005176988073

Product Description

GROHE Blue K7 Professional – kitchen tap with side spray and filter function, for sparkling table water

Enjoy the luxury of drawing a fresh table water straight from your tap. Using the left handle, the carbonation can be adjusted to still, medium or sparkling. Undesirable substances like chlorine are safely removed by the 5-phase filter. Beneficial minerals are retained, while the lime content of the water is reduced. Doubling as a conventional sink mixer that delivers unfiltered water, this GROHE Blue Professional kitchen tap is a showpiece in terms of functionality and design. Finished in GROHE StarLight chrome, it will make a stylish addition to your kitchen. Its high 140° swivel spout allows you to fill tall pots conveniently. The side spray offers full flexibility and a powerful flow that will facilitate cleaning tasks in and around the basin.


Product Highlights

GROHE Blue delivers pure lime-free water with a fresh taste

Transform ordinary tap water into a refreshing treat that is free of lime and other impurities. With GROHE Blue smart filter technology your tea and coffee will taste better and your coffee machines and egg cookers will last longer. Plus you can put the water straight into your iron.

GROHE Blue filter safely removes undesirable substances of your water

If you want pure water straight from the kitchen tap then check out the GROHE Blue filter. Its 5-phase technology removes lime, heavy metals and chemicals like chlorine to leave utterly delicious drinking water. Changing the water filter is quick and hassle-free, too!

GROHE Blue Duo delivers filtered and standard water

Two in one! Replacing your regular tap with GROHE Blue Duo gives you instant flexibility. Ordinary tap water? Filtered water for drinking? The choice is yours! For perfect purity, separate inner water ways ensure the normal tap water and the filtered water never come into contact. And the handy high spout is perfect for filling tall carafes with lovely filtered water.

A separate side-spray for added cleaning power

With its powerful shower jet a side spray, which is mounted beside the tap, offers a new level of flexibility when cleaning at the sink or worktop.

Make your kitchen super functional with a high spout tap

For hardworking kitchens, this full-height tap is up to every job you can throw at it. No more struggling to fit jumbo pots under the tap, this lets you scrub, rinse and fill with ease.

Angle your tap with just a light touch

Perfect for multitasking and twin sinks, this tap with its graceful turn lets you glide between jobs using the lightest touch of your hand. It’s a particular asset when you’re multitasking with your tap or if you have a double sink in your kitchen.

Maximum 140˚ turn lets you place your taps with confidence

For the slightly narrower or boxed-in kitchen sink or bathroom basin. The tap has the classic smooth GROHE action but won’t turn beyond 140˚, so you can fit your sink or basin into a tight spot with complete peace of mind.

High shine chrome coating makes cleaning easy

GROHE Starlight chrome coating on taps means you can just wipe them down with a dry cloth – no marks, no streaks, no water spots. The ultra-bright surface is scratch-resistant so will keep its original lustre with minimal maintenance.

Smooth control comes from superior cartridge technology

Having a GROHE SilkMove cartridge in your taps is the ultimate convenience. You can vary water temperature and flow with barely a touch of the handle, and GROHE’s superior German engineering and craftsmanship means it will work as brilliantly for years to come.

Technical Data & Care Instructions

Spare Parts

Pos.-nr. Prod. description Order-nr.
* Optional accessories
1 Handle 46652000
1.1 Snap insert 0538600M
2 Headpart 46713000
3 Screw coupling 46460000
4 Shield for cross handle 46116000
5 Lever 46729000
6 Cartridge 46374000
7 Flow restrictor 6 l/min 48196000
8 Shank fastening assembly 46346000
9 Cone 07970000
10 Spray holder 46730000
11 Hand shower 64158000
11.1 Non-return valve 08565000
12 Filter Head 64508001
13 Filter S-Size 40404001
14 Chiller and carbonizer 40554001
15 Pressure indicator 46717000
16 Adapter 40453000
17 Starter kit 425 g CO2 bottles (4 pieces) 40422000
18 Pressure reducing valve 40452000
19 Original WAS® T-piece 3/8" 41007000
20 Adapter 40454000
21 CO2 - carbonization bottle 2 kg 40423000*
22 Active cabon filter 40547001*
23 Magnesium+ Filter 40691001*
24 Filter M-Size 40430001*
25 Filter L-Size 40412001*
26 Cleaning cartridge 40434001*
27 Cleaning cartridge adapter 40694000*
28 Cleaning cartridge for adapter set 40699000*

Product range

GROHE Blue Taps

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Pillar Tap and Valves

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Filter S-Size
Filter L-Size
Filter M-Size
Active cabon filter
Magnesium+ Filter

CO2 Bottle

GROHE Blue CO2 bottle
Starter kit 425 g CO2 bottles (4 pieces)


Water glasses (6 pieces)


Glass carafe

Water Bottle

Drinking bottle
GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling

GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling

Ultimate Refreshment

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